Thursday, November 18, 2004


I have always been interested in stories of people who say that their loved one gives them "signs' that they are ok, after they pass. I never knew if it was wishful thinking or if it was true, that our loved ones watched over us and gave us signs that they were there. I looked for definite signs of my own. I haven't seen any.

Yesterday I was watching the psychic, Sylvia Brown on TV yesterday, and someone asked if her loved ones were around her. Sylvia told her yes, that they even play with her hair, the lady seemed to think this made sense and was satisfied. I started thinking about the ladybugs I have been finding lately. Last week I found one in my room, two weeks ago I found one in my living room and just a couple of days ago as I was sitting outside one landed on my arm. I thought it was a little strange because it seems too cold now for ladybugs. But who knows, I am not an expert, right?

So I was thinking maybe they are my sign, so I tested it. I told myself if I found a ladybug right now, then I know it was my Dad telling me he is ok and he is with me. I went into the family room because I have plants in there and windows so I thought that is where I would be if I was a ladybug. No such luck. No ladybugs.
Baby B wanted to be picked up so I carried her to the front of the house & we decided to open the front door for E, because he was due home.
There it was on the front screen..... A ladybug. It took my breath away. Then I looked down at the mat outside the door that the previous owners had left. It had ladybugs on it.

So you tell me, do you think it is a sign? Is it wishful thinking? If it makes me feel better then does it matter?


  1. i think it doesnt matter so long as it makes you feel better....but i sometimes feel as though my grandfather is with me and watching out for me and my it me seeing someone that looks remarkably like him, or just some other random thing that makes me think of him and feel as though he's there....

  2. Exactly, but you know, there are things that happen and you just can't explain them, and I don't think we're supposed to explain them. My grandfather had alzheimers, and I don't remember him not being affected by the illness. It was too long ago. He lived in the US, and I lived in Europe, so I didn't see him often, and didn't know him very well. I thought about him every once in a while, but not often. Then on a December night, I had a dream about him. A dream in which he wasn't affected by the illness anymore. In the dream he waved to me, and said goodbye. The next morning the phone rang, I picked it up, it was my aunt from Boston, asking to speak to my father. I understood right away. He died while we were sleeping. He was saying goodbye I suppose. Since then I've been a believer, so maybe those lady bugs really are a sign. It's nice knowing that every time you will see a ladybug, it will make you think of your father.


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