Monday, November 01, 2004


Dear Kraft,
Just because you make foods and put them into squeezable bottles doesn't mean that they are necessarily better. Squeezable jelly, gross. Nobody wants gob of jelly and I like preserves, really fruit not over processed red goop.
You pushed the envelope with the squeezable relish though. It is just not right. Not right at all. I want to hear the sound of the knife tinkling back and forth in the glass jar as my husband tries to shimmy out the last of the relish. I too enjoy the chase.
Ketchup is a go. Everyone loves the ketchup. I don't even think that they make glass bottles anymore, but you always have them in restaurants.
Hmmm. I never used a squeezable in a restaurant. Is the bottle a "higher class restaurant" ketchup? Plus does anyone use anything other then Heinz ketchup?
I love the generic ones that are labeled "catsup", I could never eat that ketchup based solely on that.

I thank you for your time, and please revert everything back to glass jars.
P.S. The jury is still out on squeezable mayo.

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