Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sooner or Later?

When is it socially exceptable to decorate for Christmas?


  1. Personally, I'm not a fan of decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but whatever floats your boat!

  2. i agree, after thanksgiving is appropiate...also, when does everyone take their decorations down??i only keep them around for up to a week after. i really get annoyed seeing christmas lights in late january.

  3. I second the post Thanksgiving rule.

  4. I started to see the Christmas ads Monday, Nov 1.

    How long to leave them up? I'm going to push a NEW FAMILY TRADITION of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas and not take anything down until after January 6, Epiphany.

    This also follows with plans to visit wife's family for Jan 6 and say at home for Dec 25. We can also shop early for Christmas presents at the after Christmas and New Years sales.

    Daughter's bday is mid-December so we really want to celebrate her bday as a separate event.

    Pretty sneaky, no?

  5. I subscribe to the Nov. 1 rule.

    That said, I have nothing up yet. Maybe next week, I've been really busy lately.

    We leave our decorations up until after my mom's birthday (Jan. 6).

  6. I never put up decorations outside until after Thanksgiving, btu I feel like decorating the inside of my house early.
    I never leave my decorations up past January 4th or so.

  7. I *usually* start the decorating festivities the weekend after T-day...however, each year, I want to decorate sooner and sooner. I call it the Christmas Itch. But, I shall hold out. I usually take my Christmas stuff down a week or two into Jan...but leave 'winter-ish' type things, like snowmen, snowflakes and garland with white lights, up until just after my son's b-day on Jan 25.

    I kinda want to adopt the Nov 1 'rule'. If 'they' are doing it, why can't I? :p


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