Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Good Call Dummy

If you were rich and pseudo-famous and wanted to get plastic surgery wouldn't you get the best one money could buy? I do not know a lot about breast implants, because God has amply blessed me, but I think the ol' cut around the areola-stuff it in-sew back on technique went out with the multi colored Louis Vuitton purses.
But, I could be wrong it has been known to happen.
In case you are not yet acquainted with Tara Reid's left breast, here you go: http://lightbox.retna.com/retna/kf_TaraReid35thDress_1105/index.html

Is anyone else sick of hearing about Star Jones' wedding? Enough. Today I was listening with half an ear to the View and was sick to hear her yelling at her friends for bringing a camera to the wedding when they were told not to, and changing seating arrangements so they could sit next to their friends. I am also sick of hearing her weezy breathless self talk about her gay new husband. ENOUGH.


  1. lol, yeah, i saw Tara Reid's breast, it was pretty crappy work... i dunno, i dont have breasts, but if i did i would think i would feel a breeze or something after 10 seconds of it hanging out there....as for starr jones, i cant stand her, she thinks she is very hot too, which befuddles me to say the least...she may have lost weight, but she still weighs close to a metric ton....i cant stand most celebs....they take themselves too seriously, although, i have to confess, i read my wife's Us Weekly, lol

  2. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that picture. What was she thinking??? I don't know why she got them in the first place. Her boobs were fine before. Stupid, stupid.

  3. The Frankennipple.

    And I hate the View. I used to think it was cool - smart women's opinions and all - but it's turned into a bunch of women yelling at the same time. I can't even listen to it.


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