Friday, November 05, 2004


I went to today I checked out recommendations for me, and it was all things for babies and things I bought as gifts for other people. It had no real recommendations for me. I mean I don't want Goodnight Moon. I want a U2 cd or the Party of Five dvds. I went to my wishlist and it was all things that I wanted to buy for the babies. So I just spent a good amount of time cleaning it all up and entering things I would like.

I knew I would have to sacrifice things to have a child, nevermind twins, and I knew giving up my job, that I loved, was going to be hard. I just realized though, I haven't bought myself anything in months. And believe me I have many things on my wants list! I want a black poncho and a new pocketbook. I want a day at the spa and new black boots. I want a loveseat and two chairs for my family room and an asparagus cooker.
Good thing Christmas is coming!

I wish I could share my wishlist with you guys but again, far too advanced for me.


  1. funny how all that changes with kids huh???? lol, i understand how you feel...on top of my wife and i having no extra money to play with, jersey is so damn expensive....this christmas will be tight...i only want 2 cd's and a video game anyways...i am more worried about my munchkin getting all his stuff...i really wanna get him the powerwheels H2 from toys r us, that thing is rad!! i wish they had cool stuff like that when i was younger....well, tuesday, here's hoping you get all the stuff you ask for....will santa bring you stuff?? did you behave this year?? i think santa will skip over me, lol

  2. NJ is terrifically expensive.
    This new mortgage and the property taxes are killing me. Especially on one income.

    You are a good Dad J.

  3. Thanks, Tuesday!! I appreciate that!! :-)


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