Monday, November 01, 2004


I had a great weekend. Saturday was my sister's shower. We had it at a fabulous restaurant and everything was great, the food, the people, everything.
Although my sisters sister in law ordered a kids meal to go for her son who wasn't there. Who does that?

E is home, thank goodness. The stress was killing my back, I had stabbing pains throughout my back and neck. I think it finally went away, but I SO need a massage. Full body thankyouverymuch.

yesterday was great, the weather was beautiful here in NJ. A little too warm since the babies had to wear these hot costumes. Baby A was Winnie the Pooh and Baby B was a dalmation. They were so cute. They would walk right into people's houses like they owned the joint. We got to meet some of our neighbors which was great too. At least for me because I am a hermit.
I had not one teenager though, the oldest kids that came to my house was about 12. I wonder if it is not cool to trick or treat as a teenager here.
these kids may be boring, I didn't even see one toilet papered house or egg thrown on cabbage night.
Cabbage night is what we called the night before Halloween, but I know different regions call it different things. What do you call it?


  1. Around here the night before Halloween is called "Devil's night." In the past few years the government officials have tried to rename it "Angels night" but I don't ever see that name sticking.

  2. i think that it was called "mischief night" around here...there was absolutely no sign of any antics around my town

  3. It's Mischief Night here in South Jersey. We got teenagers - all of them very polite...moreso than the kiddies.

  4. I call it "Mischeif night" now, but growing up, it was cabbage night. My ILs call it "Goosey Night."

    Glad the husband is finally home where he belongs. Yay.


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