Friday, November 19, 2004

F- You!

Dear Directv,

I really tried to enjoy you lately, I haven't been cursing you and your shotty customer service out, I haven't been wishing you eternal bankruptcy like I used to. Last night was the final straw though, your local service went out at 8:30 to 9:40pm causing me to miss the end of Survivor and the entire Apprentice.
Now I have no water cooler banter to exchange with others this morning (the babies) and I have to anti-climactically look up the endings on the internet. Why couldn't this happen during an endless football game?
You are now officially fucking with my Thursday night line up and you should never, ever do that.

Don't let this happen again or I will be forced to shoot your entire company the evil eye and a personal friend of this here blog is an employee of that company, and I wouldn't want to have to get him involved.

Just concentrate on your satellite and stop fucking around,
With Malice and bad intent,

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