Wednesday, March 23, 2005


You peeps are boring. I get far too many visitors at this blog here every day to have so few comments. I will be going to my hometown tomorrow and will not be able to blog, so I am officially making the next 36 hours, "comment day and 1/2".

Some things you could perhaps comment on:

  • Some things you would like me to blog about
  • advice you are seeking from wise 'ol Tuesday. For medical advice please refer to me as Dr. Tuesday
  • Pros and Cons of eating dinner for breakfast
  • your life in general
  • maybe just a Hi so we know you are alive

I am going to the Christmas Tree Shoppe that opened in NY tomorrow, and I am so excited. It reminds me of my youth vacationing in Cape Cod. I hope it is just how I remember it.


  1. I always have a hard time leaving comments are you blog- it has to be blogger or something. I am a faithful reader and love your wit. I promise to try and leave comments every time I read. Love ya Tuesday!

  2. Amanda, Blogger sucks. end. of. story.

  3. blogger doesn't suck. haloscan comments are the bomb.

    as far as eating dinner for breakfast: it's easier to get protein. it's easier to eat cold items (chicken, pizza). it makes for a more hearty meal.

    however, it is also nice to switch it up and eat breakfast for dinner.

  4. Does that mean you like haloscan comments when you say they are "the bomb"?

  5. Rocco8:44 AM

    All right, I admit it, I want to hear more about your 'boy' panties and the 'twins', (not your children, but your, well you know) but as a father of triplets, I have much empathy with you and E. Call me shallow.

    Beakfast for dinner is a fine treat, but I reserve the dinner for breakfast routine to those times where a wee too much wine was consumed and the only thing that sounds good is a greasy burger, cheese fries, and a chocolate shake. Lonf live the Muskie Burger....

  6. As far as dinner for breakfast, that works out well for me often, since a morning person, I am not. However, for actualy MORNING breakfast-of-dinner, it's cold Chinese take-out all the way. Lo Mein. Nothing better.

    Well, except for the take-out Chinese-breath that can linger all day...

  7. yes. or 'da bomb, if you will. me likey haloscan comments.

  8. I am a regular reader, and I confess that I don't leave many comments. For this, I truly apologize and beg for your forgiveness.

  9. Hi Tuesday!

    Breakfast as dinner is okay...but dinner as breakfast is much better!

  10. Well, I usually skip breakfast. But a bowl of frosted flakes for dinner, every so often, rocks.

    Just wanted to say hi...I've been lurking for awhile.

  11. I'm with Pixie (big shock there). Cold Chinese is the very best breakfast food ever.

    And I'm also with Amanda because I have a bitch of a time leaving comments here.

  12. i can't usually post here, either. blogger just timed out on me but i tried again....i use holoscan comments, i think :)

    as for the xmas tree mother just got divorced AGAIN and we're convinced that she's pissing through her rather sizeable settlement 1.99 at a time there, at the shoppe!

  13. "Pros and Cons of eating dinner for breakfast"
    There's a con? If there is, I haven't found it yet.

    "your life in general"
    My cat's been peeing on my new couch slipcovers. GAR!


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