Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Outlaws

When my inlaws were here, back in January, they truly god on our nerves. I know it is not that shocking. I feel like my mother in law tries to do everything her way, because what could I know about cleaning/laundry/raising kids/cooking/breathing? I also noticed how negative they are about everything. "oh you can't afford that" when we talk about home improvements, "yeah right" when I say I would like another baby, "oh, that is nice" when I am excited about something I made or bought.
They just seem to try to bring us down. They tell us how smart and great our children are but in the next breath they criticize something we do with them. I really think my mother in law is pissed she moved so far away, but you know what, who asked you to retire early move to Florida & leave your 2 children & 2 grandchildren. Now they have 4 grandchildren & they are missing out.

I was going out to the store & E's parents were going to watch the kids. Baby A was up & Baby B was napping. I asked them to feed Baby A lunch and then he could have a donut that they had brought. I got into my car when I noticed I forgot my keys I went back into the house and as I opened the door, E's mother jumped & ran to the other side of the kitchen.
She had been going to give Baby A a donut, 5 seconds after I told her to feed him lunch first & then he could have one. WTF?! She deliberately went out of her way to do what she wanted & E's Dad just sat there & watched it go on. It is funny actually, because she acts like she is 10.
I have never met a grown woman more jealous.

E told them we may come down to Florida for a short visit in April, but our finances have different plans. Now his Mom will probably throw a tantrum that we have not visited yet.
You know what I say? Fuck Her.


  1. I am sorry you have in laws like that. It is hard to have to deal with people like that especially when they are family. She should respect your wishes. Soes E stand up to them for your sake?

  2. "You know what I say? Fuck Her."

    In the ear! Fuck her in the ear!


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