Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

Last night I watched American Idol and for once I was excited at the song choices. The theme was Billboard Hits, or something. They sang some of my guilty pleasure songs: Total Eclipse of the Heart, Time after Time, I Think I Love You and Alone.

Some of my other guilty pleasures are:
squeezing pimples
plucking gray hairs
cream cheese on a bagel with funyuns onion rings (try it & I swear you will be hooked)
the color pink
the song "Sweet Home Alabama"
Scott Baio
reality TV


  1. Oh. My. Good. Sweet. Lord. Funyuns, cream cheese and bagels? That sounds... absolutely FANTASTIC. Great. Now I'm hungry. Hey! Dieting over here! You're too mean. *adding Funyuns, bagels and cream cheese to the shopping list*

  2. Pixie, try it. Tt is fantabulous. Also works with Bravo doritoes.
    It has no calories if you eat it when nobody is home.


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