Thursday, March 03, 2005


I am in complete denial that I am sick. Oh, I can't swallow because it feels like there is a golf ball lodged in my throat? No problemo it will pass in a day.
I hate being sick. I hate when people say " I hate being sick" like someone relishes sick. Nobody looks to get a cold. Nobody licks your old cups and wipes dirty tissues over their body to enjoy your germs. Well, at least nobody I know.

Besides that, nothing much to report. My Mother is coming to spend the weekend with us, which makes me happy. I miss my family and it gives me someone to hang out with or even shop with besides E. I am hoping when it gets warmer the babies and I can go for long walks and maybe meet some new people. I am tired of being stuck in the house only to leave to go to Shop Rite or CVS. I AM A FUN GIRL DAMMIT AND I AM OUT TO PROVE IT TO THE WORLD.
Or at least my town.
Or maybe just my neighborhood.

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