Monday, March 21, 2005

Hating Mondays Are Not Just for People With Jobs

This is going to be a grumpy post because, you guessed it, I am grumpy.
I was in a sad/depressed/pissed off mood yesterday & carried it with me into bed, add to that not one but two babies who didn't want to sleep last night.
Here is an example of my morning:

Baby B: (4:45am) where Daddy go?

Me: he is sleeping with Baby A

Baby B: cup?

Me: no cup, it is time to sleep. When the sun comes out you can get a cup

Baby B: cup?


B: (whispers) cup where are oooooou?

Me: it is time to sleep

B: no!

Me: I promise to buy you a pony, diamonds, a new car and anything else you want tomorrow if you sleep for just a little while longer. I haven't slept all night because you had either your feet or cranium in my ribs all night. Just like when I was pregnant. Who would have thought a king sized bed would be too small for a woman and her two year old. PLEASE, just close your eyes.

B: cup?

So that is how my day started. I am still angry/depressed/pissed from yesterday. To make matters worse I have to go to the grocery store and I absolutely hate the grocery store these days. I am sick of it but I have to go since we are out of necessities like food.

I hope you are having a better Monday.


  1. ok, it's tuesday, your day, so hopefully it's better. if not, leave the kids at home, go to a bar and have 2 drinks then hit the grocery store. works like a charm ;)

    barring that, is peapod available in your area?

  2. nita, no peapod! Boo hiss!

    Tuesday has been a little better then Monday though, thanks.

  3. Hey leave the kids with a teen sitter and go the groccery store make sure the chicken doesn't have magets in them. So go enjoy your life! Just hang on you'll make it!


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