Friday, March 11, 2005


Today is E's surgery. Subsequently, he is hungry and thirsty this morning waiting for his impending surgery. Reminds me of when I was in the hospital because my white blood cell count was very low & they told me not to drink anything while I waited to see if they were going to take TWO people out of me, because it had been 39 weeks and the eviction notice I had sent them was laughed at by two people. Yes two. I was dying of thirst and had not had anything to eat or drink for about 7 hours at this point. The woman next to me was put into her own room, and I noticed she left a delicious & refreshing Sprite on her table. I begged E to steal it for me. I begged him for just a sip while my mother was down the hall calling someone, because she is a by the rules person and she would tell on us. Her own daughter.
E refused to give me a tiny sip. For a woman who carried TWO huge people in her for 9 months. I hadn't seen my feet for months, hadn't slept in 8 months and was restricted from sex 20 weeks before. Don't tell pregnant woman to stay away from sex and/or orgasms because it is the horniest time of her life. I was so wanting the sex. Instead I would have accepted a sip, but E was too chicken.

This morning I made coffee for myself because I needed it. E gave me a dirty look. Life is funny, and karma is a bitch. I needed it and he should be happy I am not making a 3 course meal in front of him because I am hungry.


  1. I hope E's surgery went good. I was so horny when i was pregnet I think my husband wished I was again just for that factor :)

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