Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Good News Is..........

I saved a ton of money on my car insurance.
We saved $900 a year by switching to Geico. Jesus, that is a huge chunk of change.
NJ car insurance rates are astronomical anyway & I think I alone pay about $1400 for my car, which is a 2 year old safe mini SUV and I have no points, no accidents and no tickets and haven't in about 12 years. Plus I don't even drive to work, why would it be that high? The answer: NJ. Bastards. So saving $900 is huge for us and E was very excited.

My sister ic coming over today & we are going to go to the park, if the weather cooperates and Old Navy because she needs maternity short for her trip to Florida. I am very jealous, I want to go to Florida too, I really do need a vacation.

E promised me a second honeymoon for our 5th anniversary, which is in September. Now we have two things, called twins, though and taking them would not be a vacation & we really have nobody to leave them with. My Mom would have to take off of work, my sister is due with her second son in June and my in-laws live in FL. I am going to try some more planning on that one. Did I mention I really need a vacation?


  1. Hopefully they don't jerk you around if you ever need to make a claim. I don't know anything more about them, but they do have some good commercials. Here in MA, auto insurance is regulated, so it doesn't matter who you buy it from, it's all the same price from one company to the next for equal coverages.

  2. Hey, my mom's doing the same thing (she's also in NJ). We've had Geico as soon as we could (aka 6 years, as soon as we ran screaming from NJ) and we love it. The price is great and the customer service has been great too. I haven't had any problems with claims at all (rocks keep jumping into my windshield every chance they get). I'm all about Geico. Love them!

  3. i'll take them!!! can they paint? unpack boxes? cook?

  4. I used to not understand why car insurance was so expensive for NJ. I moved back here about eight months ago. In the past 6 months my car was hit and totaled in my own apartment complex at 6:00 am by a kid who was learning how to drive. Then, 4 months later, my new car was rear-ended twice in a four-car accident.

    I was at fault neither time, but I have come to realize I can't always compensate for the other sucky drivers. Reason for high NJ car insurance? Too many people, too many cars, too many BAD DRIVERS!

    Thank you. Rant over :).


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