Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Freakin NJ

Monday it was 69 degrees here, yesterday it was 33. Ridiculous.
Poor E had to take some doctors out to dinner yesterday, today & tomorrow. To Morton's. I am really feeling sorry for him, how horrible. Meanwhile I am home with the babies like always, eating some crappy frozen dinner. E did ask me if I wanted him to bring me home a steak but somehow eating a steak at 10pm just didn't appeal to me. He then asked me if I wanted dessert and I again declined because last time he went to Morton's he brought me home a piece of key lime pie and it gave me the trots all night. He did bring me home a piece of cheesecake & I am debating eating it for breakfast.
Lets not kid each other, I will be eating it.

It is officially one month until my birthday. I do not know how to feel about it. Birthdays are just never the same after 21 in my opinion. E's birthday is 3 days before mine and he is 4 years older then me, so that does make me feel better. No matter what he will always be older then me. Aging is inevitable and I am just rolling with it, but it is a reminder that I am not 20 anymore and I wonder where all of that time went.
It seems like yesterday.

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  1. So My dad is 54 and he can't even celebrate my 20 birthday


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