Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Right to Die

Terri Schiavo. A name we have all heard too many times over the past weeks and months. It is a horribly sad situation, one which I think the government should stay out of.
I have been thinking of what I would do in the same situation, E & I know each others wishes to not be "living" on life support, although I did have to tell him not to pull the plug too quickly, you gotta give a girl a chance to come out of it.
At what point do you stop becoming someone's daughter and become someone's wife? Who is responsible for you if you cannot make decisions for your own life? A Mother will always hang on the hope that their child can and will recover, but after so long the chance is so slim. I feel that her husband wants the best for her, and knows what she would have wanted in this situation. Is there anyone out there that if in Terri's situation would want to be kept alive? Is she really living? All hard questions that I pray I never have to face, or any of you.

It is sad that it has divided a family that is all grieving, any way you slice it, a life lost.


  1. Tuesday, i couldnt agree with you more....its time to let her go, her family needs to let her wishes be respected and let her die with whatever dignity she has left. after having those horribly sad pictures and videos of her 'interacting' shamelessly posted all over the media, everyone involved in releasing those should be ashamed of themselves. it is her husband's decision in my opinion....what about the sanctity of marriage those politicians were crying about over gay marriage?? what are they doing to the sanctity of this poor couples marriage by saying her wishes that she relayed to her husband are not good enough? i would never wanna be kept 'alive' through those means.....btw those protesters with the giants spoons and red tape with 'life' written on it need to find something better to do with their time.....this whole story has really been bothering me....

  2. J, I have missed you.

  3. thanks, Tuesday!! i have been so busy and tired lately that i havent been able to blog myself, i will update soon...how is the potty training going?

  4. No potty training here yet, we put that on hold.

  5. My feeling is the husband has moved on with his life. He's lived with the other woman for 8 years and had two children her. And how long was he married to her before the injury, anyhow? And that's another nuance... there are allegations the head injury that put her in this condition may have been the result of abuse. Nothing that'll stick, but I don't think there has ever been a good explanation of how she got hurt in the first place.
    In any event, the fact that the husband has moved on with his life - and not just recently - has two kids by another woman, etc.... to me, he's a husband by license ONLY with respect to Terri. To give the husband's say priority over the parents is a case of form over substance if I ever saw one. He should stfu and move on with his life.
    And, honestly, after 9 years of marriage, I would NOT know what Trish would want in these same circumstances. That's not to say Michael Schiavo doesn't know Terri's wishes, but I would find him a helluva lot more credible if he hadn't had two children with another woman while Terri was in the hospital. It's not like he's been pining over being without her all this time. But I bet the parents have been.

  6. You are right, Rider, I am sure the parents are much more invested in Terri then the husband at this point.
    I don't know that I could cut the feeding tube to my children.
    I know that I would not want to live that way. E knows that and I think my Mother does too.
    it is a very hard situation.

  7. I know my parents would fight to keep me alive in any case. My parents are big on the whole, "Don't play G-d," thing. I've told my mom that I wouldn't want to live like that, but I know she would still fight to keep me alive.

    My husband, however, completely understands my stance and he would fight to let me die.

    During the coverage on this case, I heard someone say something about, "You know how we all have those late night discussions with our spouses." That's the absolute truth for us. My husband and I have spoken about it far more extensively than I ever did with my parents.

    To my husband, I have always been an adult making my own decisions. To my parents, I will always be their little girl.

    And that is why I wrote out a living will along with our standard wills before he was deployed last time. I'm encouraging everyone else in my family to do the same.


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