Friday, March 04, 2005


Last night I went to DSW to look for some new kicks, because my sneakers are OLD and fugly.
Guess what I saw there on the shelf? Go on guess.
ROOS! KangaRoos sneakers with the cool pocket on the side so you can put two quarters in there for the ice cream lady.
Yup, we are back to rocking Roos. I was tempted to buy a pair for old times sake. Not the lavender ones I had when I was nine though. A nice respectable blue pair maybe.

I missed you Roos!

What is next to make a come back? Pucci the dog?*

* $10 to anyone who remembers Pucci.


  1. Not only do I remember, I have the shrinky dinks to prove it. I always wanted the Poochie stamper, but never got it. I'm still bitter. You pushed down on the sunglasses on top of her head and a stamp came out of her ass. I thought it was so cool. My best friend April had the ass stamper. I never did. Bitch!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who remembers those shoes. I posted about them once, but can't find the entry. You actually fit two quarters in there? I only fit one and then I couldn't get the damn thing out without first taking the shoe off.

    I still thought they were cool as hell, though.

  2. i love a girl who says fugly :)

  3. Damn it, now I'm singingthe poochie song. "Poochie, Poochie for girls..."

  4. $10 to DQ,
    Will, I hear you on that one, I still remember the song myself!

  5. I have severe ROO envy. My mom would never buy me a pair no matter how much I begged.

    This girl in my class, April Sawyer, had a pair and I KNOW that is what made Colby Pepper ask her to be his girlfriend and not me.

  6. Vee, Fuck Colby. Now go buy yourself a pair of Roos.
    Plus, would you want to be known as Mrs. Pepper? I think not.

    sing it with me: Im a pepper, hes a pepper wouldn't you like to be a pepper too


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