Thursday, March 09, 2006


I am.............

Happy to see the sun out
Ecstatic that my kids are napping
Stressed after watching Black.White.
Awaiting my surgery
Tired but anxious
Bored but content
Excited to play with my kids outside, finally
Sad that I have nothing else to say today


  1. I watched the second half of Black. White last night. The guy talking at the bar about the town "still being good and unaffected...blah blah blah" got to me. I know he meant well, but I've been dealing with racism all my life...
    I hope this show has a good outcome. It's very contraversial...hopefully it will open people's eyes...

  2. I watched most of it. Those are some great makeup artists. I felt bad for the guy at the bar when the dude started saying "great neighborhoods", yadda yadda. He was really cool though the whole thing. I liked when the girl said she like the Cranberries and everyone sorta laughed or said "who's that?" They thought she was out of her mind.

    Have fun outside with the kids!!

  3. I saw a few minutes of it. I'll have to catch it on one of these days. :)


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