Friday, March 24, 2006

Is This Week Over Yet?

Thank all that is holy and good, that E is coming home today. His flight should land in Philadelphia at 4pm today. Not one moment too soon.

It is 11am and so far today I have:

  • changed four poopy diapers. FOUR!
  • cleaned poop from carpet from sick dog. Tried not to yell at sick dog because you are so frustrated that the dog picked the ONE carpeted room downstairs to shit, and that is the kids playroom.
  • cleaned up pee from same sick dog and let her outside on her leash.
  • did a "pre interview" of sorts from the hospital I will check into on Monday. Answered odd questions like "do you have hospital equipment in your house? Do you suffer from abuse? What religion are you? And do you have stairs in your house"
  • brought the do inside only to have her puke twice on the same carpet forcing me to break down and cry
  • been comforted by my daughter who hugged me handed me a tissue and told me "its ok, Mommy, Daddy be home in free days, I love you"

The last one made up for the hell that was my life for the past 4.5 hours.


  1. Aw I am so sorry about your doggy! Here is some love coming your way!

  2. Kids are so good at helping dry tears! And, oh, the hugs!

  3. I really hope your doggy feels better! Isn't it so amazing how great your kid can make you feel when you really feel low? Leah has this way of looking at me when I'm upset that turns it all around. I love her for that, and everything else.

    Again, hope doggy feels better!

  4. Thanks guys for all the love. I am not the most upbeat person right now, so I thank you for hanging in there with me!

  5. my daughter had a stomach virus this week so you can just imagine what Ive went through

    I totally feel for you.

  6. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I so understand how your feel when hubbie is gone. We're in the same boat here too and it's really hard. When my son was smaller, it didn't affect him as much, but now it is really hard on him - his behavior gets all out of whack and he cries for my husband alot, it's sad. Hang in there...


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