Monday, March 20, 2006

Just When It Couldn't Get Worse

I am overwhelmed.
Our dog has been losing weight now for months. I took her to the vet in November and they ran a bunch of test and did a thorough exam but came up with nothing. She lost a lot more weight so I took her back to the vet on Thursday. It turns out she lost 15lbs since August (I wish I had that problem) which was quite a bit for a dog of her size. They did MORE tests and exams and she has lyme disease and her kidneys are not functioning properly.
She had to have IV all day on Friday and she is on two medicines and special dog food.
Just what my pocketbook needed.
E & I are a mess because she has been with us for almost our whole relationship, she was our first baby. She is spoiled and treated like one of the family, because she is.
The vet said that it very well could be fatal, and I just can't believe that. She is a spry 9 years old and just the best dog you could ask for.

Top that off with E, who left today for a week long business trip to sunny Orlando, FL.
Without us.
sigh, so I am here doing it all, lonesome and bored.

Plus my surgery is one week from today so I am getting really nervous about the whole thing. On Friday I went for a whole series of blood tests including a "bleeding test" to make sure I clot well because I bled out and needed two transfusions when I had my C-Section.
Lets just say it was not a fun time.
It was a far cry from some of my St. Patrick's days of past.

I still haven't called a true friend offering great help with my health issues because I have been so busy (Hi Marikay!, I know I suck).

Lastly, thanks for all the offers to help with my blog, I am going to take you all up on your offers!

That is it from my homefront, I will be over feeling sorry for myself in 3 or so hours and I will be good as new. Maybe. I hope.


  1. damn woman.

    so sorry to hear about the dogger. i know exactly where you're at with that.

    if at all possible, try not to worry. it doesn't accomplish anything anyway. i've been rhinestoning everything in the mofo house. you could teach yourself the code for blogger and keep that brain busy...

    all thoughts with you and yours.

  2. Poor puppy. Hope he has an easy time.

    It'll all be okay...the surgery, the family, the dog, trust me. This is just one of those 'down' times. I'll say a little thyroid chant next Monday for you, like a rain dance, only different!

  3. sorry about your puppy...we totally understand.. our dog is our "First" too...

    You are still very much in my prayers as you get ready for next week... Don't focus too much on the whole thing until you have are strong and you are well loved... you will be great!!!!! xo lyns

  4. Thank you guys! You are so sweet.


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