Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A New Day

Today the dog seems to be doing fine. I still have to watch for vomiting and diarrhea because of her medications but she seems ok. She is eating her new food because it is wet and she loves wet food and I have been hiding her medicine in peanut butter with success.
The vet is still concerned abou ther but we will go back for a check up on her kidneys next week, and hopefully we caught it in time.

My daughter cried for her Dad for about an hour at bedtime last night and I hope that it doesn't repeat tonight. I feel so bad for them because they really miss him, as much as I do and he misses us. It sucks he has to go away so often for business but it is what puts food on our table and clothes on our backs. I thank God he is a good hardworking man and works his ass off for us.

I am excited for some new shows tonight. I am bored here and if I get a little help from my best friend TiVo, then so be it.
A girl has got to live.


  1. phew!

    and if you can, get hooked on Prison Break. it makes day to day life seem totally stress free :)


  2. I agree- Prison Break is really awesome! Tim and I have been watching it since episode 2. LOVE IT! And I'm so jealous you have TiVo! I want it, but we can't get it yet because the cable in our apartment is private.

  3. I want to watch prison break but now I have to wait for the season to repeat. I can't watch from the middle!

  4. I want to get hooked on Prison Break also, i saw the previews for it one night and I was all "oooh I wanna see that!"
    hoping the dog gets better, and I'm praying for you and your surgery.

  5. No one has even chimed in on how HOT the two brothers are on that show! HELLO?!?! You can watch the repeats on FX. I couldn't believe last night how it ended. I about cried seeing his attorney hugging him.

    I hope things get better with your dog. We lost our first baby last year due to him getting hit by a car. It was traumatic for me and I still get tears because of it. He was almost 8 and the best dog ever with the kids. I'm sure someone's car took a beating since he weighed 120lbs!!! Big Hugs and hang in there.


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