Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Worst Job

I was in the doctor's office today for some pre- surgical testing, which is always fun with 2 three year olds. While waiting a looong time in the waiting room I overheard a conversation with a lady and the nurse. She asked when the lady was available to come back for another appointment and the lady said "anytime, I work for myself".
The nurse asked what she did and she said " I do what nobody else wants to do" and laughed.

So I sat there and wondered what she actually did. What was it that nobody else wants to do?
Does she clean up murder scenes? Does she potty train kids all day? Does she clean up backed up sewers? Does she have to clip diabetic patients toenails? Does she have sex with gross men all day?

I am fascinated.


  1. ...clean up after a puking child who's still puking?

    I'd pay her to do that for me.

  2. She has a neighborhood catbox cleaning service.

  3. Oh that's funny. The possibilities are endless on guessing that one.


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