Monday, March 06, 2006

Doctor, Doctor

I went to the endocronologist on Friday to meet with her, get her on board with my problems and plan our next step after the surgery. She was an older gal, a hippy of sorts and had the personality of a sponge. Imagine my surprise when they tell me to "gown up", I was really there just for my neck and I wasn't wearing "doctor appointment" bra & panties.
I went for it though and it went well.

On Saturday I went to the homeopathic doctor. That was fun. He is a sweet, gentle man and I loved him instantly. We just talked about my illnesses, family history, physical problems and then he got to the good stuff.

He asked about how I sleep, if I was scared of heights, what were the "traumas" of my life, what types of food I craved and a myriad of other things that you would never think a doctor would ask you. You would also never know what that has to do with why you are there but he believes that everything means something and your He "studies" me and sends me some "remedies". He also sent me home with something to take after my surgery that will quicken my recovery time.
Love it.
If anyone has questions on homeopathy, check this out.

I think I am done with doctors until my surgery which is fine by me. It figures that this is the year I opted not to enroll in our flexible spending, and this is the year I needed it the most.


  1. I've heard of Homeopathy but never really read into it. Sounds like the Dr is more involved? Dunno.

    I hear ya on the flexible spending acct. We really should have taken more advantage of that last year when we had the kiddo. We did but only did $100! LOL This year I think we did $400 and I know I'll pass that.

    Glad the appointments went well.

  2. Also glad the appt. went well. Really glad you don't have to deal with anymore till the end of the month.
    Me: still waiting for results on last week's appt. Dying to know already...

  3. I am glad things went well at both doctors!

  4. i am looking for a good homeopath in my area... i think, if you find the right one, they can make such a difference in your health.

    hope all is going well.


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