Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, Vicodin is my new bestest friend. I have to be careful about him and I getting together too much because I will never again get out of my bed but so far he has been a good friend to me.

I am in pain, my neck is very sore and swollen. I have only looked at it once, because it was too much for me. It has started to itch which I know is a sign it is healing, which is great. I will go back into NYC on Friday morning to have my surgeon look at it and take out all my stitches.
I will hug him.
I am so happy with my outcome it is hard for me not to shout from the rooftops. It was the best possible outcome. I can continue my life from when I put it on hold in January, I felt until now that I had it on pause and everyone kept going on around me, but now I am joining back into the world.
This is my second chance to be healthier, be happier with what I have and to be more involved with my life. This may have been my wake up call.

Can I say enough how much "you people" have meant to me with your well wishes and prayers. Not just for me, but for my family too because it makes me feel like people are looking out for them too, strangers are sending them light and love.
It has been everything, our sweet dog, my stress of being a single Mom for the last week and the surgery.
This reaction may be because of too much of my friend Vicodin but I bet it is just because under it all there are great people in this world, and I just happened to have them reading this boring piece of my life.
Now enough of this mushy stuff , when can I have a stiff drink?


  1. I recommend Lemoncello for that stiff drink...its my favorite!! I am so glad that you A OK!!! xo lyns

  2. You can have a drink when you're no longer taking vicodan. If I remember correctly, those two don't mix very well. LOL

    So glad that you have been able to breathe a sigh of relief after all this time.

  3. I am so happy that all went well and that Mr. Vicodan is keeping you happy! ;~)

  4. whew! best to you and yours. this whole thing will make you an even better mom/wife which will no doubt result in some sort of freaking AWARD CUZ YOU'RE SO GREAT ALREADY!

    do i really have to tell you i totally love you?

  5. Oh vicodan and a stiff drink :) We love you Tuesday and we are glad that everything worked out for the best- now go and rest!

  6. Big Hugs and I'm glad this is over. Never had the Vicodin before but have done the Loratab and Percocet and they were my bestest friends too.


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