Friday, October 28, 2005

Deep Breath In and Out

Ok, I am better today, but it is only 10:20 am. There is time.
I feel like my kids are trying to sabotage the last brain cells I have and drain the remaining energy I have. I feel like they were sent from the government to see how long it will take a typical housewife from NJ to break.
Ha, Ha government it took me almost 3 years, I bet you never thought I would last that long considering my outbursts at my former place of employment!!! The joke is on you, crappy government.

Ok, now I am hallucinating. Well, that could be because I was up at 4 AM listening to my kids play like it was the middle of the afternoon. After I went into their room and explained that the moon was still out and that means we still sleep, blah, blah, the roosters aren't even up yet, blah. I fell back into my bed wondering how children that could have any DNA from me wake up at that ungodly hour.
I mean really.

E comes home tonight and I feel like boadring a plane to beachville and never returning. I need a break soon so I don't break. I need a one way ticket to heaven.
Anyone want to join me?


  1. I feel so bad for you! I start training on the 11/28 and will leave my husband with my two children while I'm gone - and I will not be able to come home to visit on the weekend :(

    You are a good mommy - you can handle this. When hubby gets home - jump in a nice hot tub and chill - with alcohol.

  2. I am there with you! Can we go to Vegas though?? I need lights and excitiment :)

  3. Yay! You made it! I hear that people are getting stranded for weeks past their return dates in cancun.

    Wanna go?

  4. Vegas or Cancun is good enough for me!


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