Monday, October 24, 2005


There is a new addition to our family. Yes, I have been wanting this for months now and we couldn't be happier. It arrived late Thursday night, and you can see it here.
that's right baby, Momma has a new set of wheels. I love my new dyson, it picks up crap that I never knew was hiding in the carpet. Dust and hair that didn't come out with my old vacuum. I tested it. I am smart like that.

I would never have paid this much for a vacuum, but my friend got a deal and I would only have to pay 48% of the price. I couldn't pass that up especially since the piece of crap one my mother-in-law insisted I buy is broken. After only 13 months.
Yeah, it sure it a great.

Motherhood has brought me to a new low. My kids still won't stay in bed to take naps. To say I am frustrated is a huge understatement. They get up, take all of their clothes out of the dresser, open the closet take out all of their shoes, pull all the diapers and wipes out to their boxes and throw them all over their room. I could pull my hair out.
They could give less then a shit about yelling at them, taking things away, threats, quiet time, timers or anything else. Pretty much they give me a "this is all you could come up with?" look from them.
So now I have taken to laying on the stairs commando style waiting for them to get out of their beds so I can scare them by shouting "get back into your bed" or barging in and putting them back in bed.
I really wish E was here so he could take a picture of me, because lets face it, it is a funny sight.
Sometimes Baby B will catch me peeking through the crack of the door and says "Hi Mommy!". Then I practically fall down the stairs with laughter.
I mean look at what I am doing! I really didn't think motherhood could come to this.
But it has my friends, it has.


  1. We have one of those video monitors so I would do the same thing when Julia got out of her bed. She didn't know I was standing there watching and I told her that my eyes could see through the walls. Hey it worked :) Good luck!

  2. I feel your pain, my 2 year old was such a bad sleeper as a baby, the transitioned into his bed really well. We would put him in, he would stay in there until he fell asleep. That lasted about 3 months. Now he refuses to go into his room and falls asleep in the living room, we carry him inside then someone has to get into bed with him and leave when he is finally asleep.

    As for the wipes, pulling them out of their box is my son's favorite pastime these days. It kills me because of how expensive they are.


  3. The Ex wants me to buy my son a bed for when he stays with me, but I'm holding off. When she's ready to start teaching him to sleep in a bed at home I'll do the same here. He would be out of bed in seconds grabbing more toys and coming over to see me. "Daddy, come over here! Look!"

    You had me laughing at your description of hiding on the stairs commando-like.

  4. I'm late, but I had to share.

    Oh, mine did that, but they did it at bedtime because they stopped taking naps right after their 2nd birthday. We had to take the dresser out of their room completely and replace it with an armoire that can be locked. We also had to put a locking doorknob on the closet door to prevent the emptying of the shoes and socks that we keep in there, but it's on backwards. That way we can lock the door with the key from the outside. The munchkins could easily unlock it if we had it on the other way. We just make sure we keep the key WAY out of their reach.

    I should tell you the story about how they learned to unlock that door knob using only the prong on the plastic outlet cover.

    The next time someone tells me, "Twins are easier to handle than one because they keep themselves entertained," I'm gonna smack that person.


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