Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Today will be a good day. It has already been decided.
My Mom is here to help me take the kids trick or treating, which they are excited about.
It is the first year where they understand and can actually have the candy. Last year we would swap out candy that they got for raisins. I will do that to some extent today too. My kids have only had a lollipop once and have had M&Ms when they go on the potty. Besides that, they have never had candy.

Baby A is going to be a bee and Baby B is going to be a mouse. I am going to be a desperate housewife on the edge. Great costume right!?! Where ever did I come up with that one?

Anyway, I am hoping to be the "good candy house" I have yummy sponge bob candy and a variety of chocolates. I hope I don't eat them all before my doorbell rings once.


  1. Happy Halloween!

  2. Have fun trick or treating. And I guess the Kids NEED to have a sugar high sooner or later...


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