Sunday, October 30, 2005

A New Thought

Daylight savings time is a fraud. I loved "falling back" until this year.
Daylight savings time is just for the young and the childless.

Damn farmers.


  1. i abhor DST. i set all the stupid clocks in the house AHEAD and then had to do them BACK and some of them are hard to set!

    plus, this really messes with my 'how much/little sleep Rio gets' obsession...

  2. I am with you. 5:30 this morning because she thought it was 6:30. Not cool!

  3. Let's all move to AZ. I used to think they were insane not to change their clocks like the rest of the country. Now I see someone there obviously understands small children.

    I'm with you. My kids were up an hour early and then we had to fight to keep them awake longer. Otherwise, we'd be perpetuating the cycle.

    Hugely pregnant mother + loud children + butt crack of dawn = CRANKINESS ALL AROUND.

  4. I love it! Of course, I don't have several children getting up early...


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