Tuesday, October 25, 2005

True Story

"Thanks for calling Verizon, my name is Sperm how can I help you"

"Did you just say your name was sperm?"

"yes, ma'am, how can I help you"

"well my phone is still not working but you just made my day"

I wonder what his last name is. Maybe it is Whale, or Testicle. Or Load, Donor or Bank.
I could go on all day people.

I am going to mentally add this one to my list of strange names I have encountered including but not limited to:
Connie Leg
Joan Foot
Dick Catheder
Carl Hussy


  1. Jesus H Christ... I'd lie through my teeth if my name was sperm.

    You're right about the list of names. I think we've all got a mental list that is constantly ticking away with those!

  2. I know Kristi, that is a definite name change name.

  3. Hehe... I can't believe you actually asked him straight if that was his name. He probably gets that a lot and not embarrassed by it. :)

  4. Imagine?! Poor dude! Well not that you asked but the strangest name I have heard thus far was when I was Assisting Director at a Beauty School. I enrolled twin sisters. Their names? Tanisha and Nottanisha. Can you even imagine. "This be Tanisha and this is "Nottanisha"

  5. What kind of accent did the guy have, though?

  6. J, it was an old man accent.


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