Monday, October 03, 2005

It's The Great Hulk, Charlie Brown

Baby A has taken a liking, or should I say obsessiveness of the Hulk. It started with him seeing spiderman sandals at Target and then talking about it all day leading me back to Target (any reason is a great reason to visit Target) to buy him a pair. He didn't take them off for 3 days and 3 nights.
Fast forward a couple of weeks and suddenly he is obsessed with the Hulk and "superheroes" and we have no clue how he heard about them because he doesn't watch TV besides Dora and Diego which do not have "superhero" commercials. Weird.

Now he wants to be the Hulk for Halloween. Despite my best efforts to offer to him various other costumes like a lion! A kangaroo! Buzz Lightyear! Nemo!
It was fruitless.

I know he won't wear a mask and all the hulk costumes have a mask, I doubt he will let me paint his face either. Soooo It looks like I will have to buy him the stupid Hulk costume and he will partially wear it.
I thought I would have at least 4 Halloweens before he started getting picky about clothes & costumes and such.

Sigh, it seems I have raised a tiny metrosexual. At least I can still dress E up in this.

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  1. LMAO That's boys for ya. And I must say that I thoroughly agree with your assessment on "good" reasons to go to Target. I swear that store calls to me in the middle of the night! (Have you seen their pet costumes? I.MUST.HAVE.THEM!)
    Boys are drawn to superheroes like flies to dog crap. My son started college this year and he and his roommate thought it would be hilarious to have superhero comforters in their dorm, so my son has Batman and his roommate has Spiderman. Oh, to be 18


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