Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mommy Dating

It was so easy when I was young, I went outside and played with the kids in my neighborhood. Those had had other friends or cousins and so your circle of friends became bigger and bigger. Nowadays it is a lot more complicated. The friend making is orchestrated, gymboree classes, after school programs, sports. Basically your parents make your friends for you.

I feel like that is what I have to do since I didn't grow up here and I don't work outside the home. Brace yourself, wait for it..............................., I am going to Mommy Date.

That is right, I will sign myself up on the internet, with a picture and put myself out there to see if any other Moms in my area want to date me. With our kids of course, which are tiny chaperones and how I see it, a great excuse to get the hell out of there in case the date goes sour. No longer do I have to fake a stomach ache or an early meeting the next day if someone gets a little "feely" or wants to take to the next level. Now I can tell me date my kid has a crap and I am out of diapers, or that they need their nap!
Whats not to love?!

Hopefully we wont go all the way on the first date. I would hate to swap recipes so early on.


  1. Mommy dating? ha is this serious or a joke? If it's serious...what an idea!! I hope your dating goes better than mine. :)

  2. Take The Dating Saddam Challenge

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  3. This thing is a hot mom bonnanza.


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