Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sorry I've Been MIA

Today I went to the doctor because my cold is not getting any better, it has gotten worse even. I have asthma so the slightest cold goes right into my chest. The doctor told me for the first time in fifteen years, she doesn't have the flu shot this year.
Looks like I will be standing in line with all the old people at the grocery store for mine.
Oh well at least the trip to the doctor gave me an excuse to go to Target for my prescriptions.

Baby B had just healed from a scrape to her nose, when E took her for a walk today she fell and scraped it again. Just in time for Christmas pictures! I will have to teach her to put her hands out when she falls because I guess she doesn't have that instinct.

LOST tonight, which I am ALWAYS psyched about. Didn't last weeks episode seem to have a lot more commercials then normal? What is that about? I think those people which Ana Lucia are from the Nigerian plane crash that had all the heroin in the Mary statues.

Lastly, do a anti-rain dance will ya? We are flooded over here in NJ, with no end to the rain in sight.


  1. I did an anti-rain dance a week ago and it didn't work right. So this time I'm going to do it dressed.

  2. keep your pants on sir.

  3. Hope you feel better :( Send the rain this way so it can stop being 90 degrees!

  4. rio never puts her hands out, either. hell, neither do i so i guess she comes by it honestly!

    can't wait to see the pictures!

  5. Sending the anti-rain vibes,but it might make things worse since I'm sending them from Oregon!


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