Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why Today Sux

Reasons Why Today Sucks Already and it is only 9:09 am:

1) My dog must have snuck downstairs to crap all over my beige carpet which was just cleaned 6 days ago. She must have not been going because she usually poops when E takes her for a walk at night. Even though she has been outside all DAY and NIGHT yesterday, I guess it wasn't the appropriate "time" or "place" to poop.
Does anyone want a mutt?

2) I threw up from cleaning up the "other" diarrhea she had on my new oriental carpet in the family room. So glad she didn't pick the wood floor which is 60% of my downstairs to shit on. What a bitch!
Throwing up before you eat or drink anything in the morning is no fun, thank god the door was right there so I could just open it and puke outside.

3) my kids were up 2.5 hours later then usual and didn't take a nap (the norm) and still woke up at 6:15am!

4) I am going on my fourth day of sleep deprivation. Coffee is not workign as well as it used to.

5) I have to go to the doctors for a checkup in 30 minutes. With my kids. Not too much fun there.

Hopefully I will have a better, more cheerful update for you later.

EDIT 6) I went to the doctors but she was out sick. I did not get that message because IDT still hasn't fixed my phone line. I have been without a phone for 10 days now.


  1. My cat did that the other day and I barfed too. So gross! I hope your day goes better today :)

  2. This is why we have only a fish. But our kids do the same sort of thing sometimes. Here's to better days ahead....maybe even this afternoon.


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