Saturday, October 22, 2005


Thank goodness E return last night, even if it is only for the weekend. It is nice not to be the only one changing poopy diapers. I think the kids are trying to kill me via dirty diapers because I probably changed 15 poops since Sunday afternoon. A record in our household.

Today we are doing a whole lot of nothing. We did do our pumpkin and I roasted the seeds. Yum.
Tomorrow I will bake E a cake before he leaves. Really it is for him, he wanted this strawberry cake mix he said his Mom never bought him when he was a kid. The leftovers will be left with me though, so really everybody wins.


  1. And if you fedex me a piece of it, everybody + 1 win!

  2. Yummy, a big nothing day here too. The weather sucks, 2 year old is sick so I figured I would make my first Pot Roast. We'll see how it goes. I hear you with the poop diapers!


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