Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

An Easter package came for my kids last night from Florida. You know what that means, death by candy from the grandparents.
I swear you would think they are dentists by the way they are trying to drum up business. I think we have received no less then 3lbs of jellybeans, mystery bunny head shaped candy and chocolate.
I am not complaining about the chocolate because I have stashed it for myself.
My ass does not thank me.
before we got the package I made a big old pound cake. That was a mistake.

I may go into Housewives of OC withdrawals tonight. I miss the show already. What grown man is named Slade anyway?

Spring has decided to give us a taste of the good life here today, it is going to be 77 degrees. Not much for some of you people, but for us? It is a little slice of heaven. I have already opened all my windows to allow at least some of the germs that have festered in here all winter to escape.
It also means I am way overdue for a pedicure. Who wants to go with me?


  1. Easter candy, especially those damn Cadbury eggs, is my downfall.

  2. LOL on SLADE comment!! I know!! I have caught up with the show by watching the marathon!! He is hot though!!

  3. I feel you on the withdrawal from Housewives of the OC. That has been my savior during late night feedings. And even though he has a weird name, you can't deny that Slade is hot!

  4. Let me tell my boss I'm sick and I'll start driving to Jerz right NOW!


    Easter and Halloween candy kill me, especially since I always go to the store and buy the 'leftovers' the day after for 50% off...

  5. "MY ASS DOES NOT THANK ME!" is going to be my new line!!! I love it!


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