Monday, March 26, 2007

Doobie Muppets

I loved the Muppet's when I was young. When I took my kids and nephew to the theater to go see Muppet's Take Manhattan last summer I realized I knew all the words and songs. My nephew thought I was crazy.

Little does he know.

My favorite muppet is Beaker follow closely by Floyd Pepper the bassist from the Electric Mayhem band.

Thinking back on the Muppet show, Floyd always seemed high as a kite. I never put two and tow together but it all makes sense now, the hat, the Gerry Garcia vibe, the two tone unwashed hair.
Then E was watching some 70s music show and I realized who Floyd was mirrored after: Skunk.
That is right, a Doobie Brother. A Doobie Brother.
Now we know what Jim Henson was smoking.
After all this information, now who do you think Dr. Teeth was created after?


  1. Ha! I alwasy knew there was a twisted side to the muppets...

    Sigh...I love Beaker too.

  2. Me me me me meeee. Me mememe me me me mee.

  3. ya know, I never thought of it that way, but there were a LOT of Muppets that seemed pretty high.....good 'ole Jim Hemson was having himself a goooood time!!!

    i liked Beaker too.

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM


  5. Beaker and the Chef! What was that sound he made when baking? Doody doo doo, Doody doo doo. LOL Remember the martians? I was just telling my dh how I missed the Muppets and wished they'd play reruns.

  6. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen the Muppets Take Manhattan! It's a classic! I always kind of loved the hecklers, I had to look them up on Wikipedia to find they had names (of course they did), Statler and Waldorf!


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