Thursday, March 29, 2007

Target or the Gap

This afternoon after I pick up the kids from school, I will drive 1.5 hours to pick up both of my nephews and drive 1.5 home with them. they are staying with me until my sister gets out of the hospital which is going to be a few more days.

I am going to have 4 kids under the age of 6 in this house. All day. I can't even leave because my car does not fit 3 car seats and 1 booster seat unless one wants to ride in the front seat or the trunk. You think I am crazy right?
I am, but more importantly I love my sister and this is sure to score HUGE sister points. Perfect timing for sister point since my birthday is in like 10 days and although I will not age, I will be accepting gifts.

I have a plan though. I am going to let them race each other around the house until it is bedtime. Sounds great right? Right?

If you do not hear from me in a few days you know I have died and I would love to be buried by Target.
Let E know.


  1. You have a bunch of movies, too, right? When we had the 11 boys over for my son's birthday party, it was the only thing to bring them down from their sugar buzz.

  2. I will visit you at Target on my weekly run :) Good luck!!!

  3. Racing if un, as long as it doesn't backfire and get them more hyper. (It has happened with my stepson, and I wanted to CRY!)
    Good luck with all those kids...but FYI- the trunk is really not that bad for a kid, it'll teach him/her to behave. Give them turns in the trunk, they will go to bed quietly after that...LOL!

  4. *okay that is supposed to say racing is fun...I can't spell.

    and the comment abpout the trunk-for those who don't 'get' me- is a JOKE.

  5. Kristi4:55 PM

    That's really sweet of you to keep her kids. I'm sure it will ease her mind to know that they're with you.

    Target is the SHIT! I LOVE that store!

  6. Oh my gosh, I think our plots (at Target) are right next to each other. heehee.

    I will now think of you every time I go to Target. And so happy to hear in a previous post that you are surviving with all of those kiddos. Bet your kids are having a blast.


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