Friday, March 16, 2007

People Are Strange

Simon Cowell said on his 60 minute interview that he was asked to watch some couple have sex and rate them.

Simon also says on 60 Minutes that he was once asked “to come to [a couple’s] house and comment on him and his wife in bed.” He says, according to the New York Post, that people “were both in their fifties and he was going to pay me $100,000 for it,” but he said no. “I stupidly turned it down. I should’ve taken the money, because it would be a much more interesting story now.”

WHY would someone want to do this? Also who would love to give me $100k for commenting on their sex? I will do it for 10k.
OK, you got me, I would do it for $100.00.
I have things to say.

I would never want anyone commenting on me having sex, and I certainly would never pay someone to watch me.
Lets face it, if I wanted to hear how fat I was or how I am doing everything wrong, I will just invite my mother over.


  1. Hahahaha! Invite your mother over! LMAO.

  2. If someone wants to pay me to critique them, then fine. And I agree, it doesn't need to be $100k. It could be $10. Or even $5.

  3. O.M.G.

    People in their 50's must have way too much money.


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