Thursday, March 15, 2007


I have my mothers lips.

If you ask me who I resemble, my mother or my father I will always quickly tell you my father. I do look like him. Except for my mothers lips.
As a child people would always say I looked like my Dad and my sister looked more like my Mom. It was a truth I knew.
As I age it becomes more apparent. The size, the lines, my smile. They are all from my Mother.

I don't talk a lot about my Mother on my blog, but blogs are strange like that. We give each other what we want to give. We let you in as much as we are willing or able. Most could all be a lie, the perfect marriage, the big house, the smart kids.

My Mom is great. I have had my problems with her and we fought a lot when I was growing up. We butted heads, maybe because I was more like my father, stubborn, proud, headstrong, typically Irish. They couldn't stay married so maybe the qualities I possessed bothered her about me too.
I am not sure.
I love her. She is strong and so loving. She always finds the good in situations, too much so sometimes. She believes there are reasons for the bad. She has faith in her god. Again, maybe too much sometimes.

Maybe that is what I need more of in my life. Maybe like the glimpse I catch of myself in my mirror, as time passes I will realize I am more like my Mom then I ever thought.


  1. I get a mix of "you look like your mom" or "you look like your dad" I guess it depends what you are looking at. It's funny when people say me and my sister look the same, cause we are polar opposites in looks. But I can say Kierra looks EXACTLY like me; and the other two like DH

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I don't look ANYTHING like my mother, except for my butt, I think. I'm all French Canadian with a splash of American Indian. That was my Dad.

    And yes, I have some of my mother's traits, some good, some bad. It's inevitable.

  3. The women in my family all have the same eyes. Same shape, different colors. I passed them to Tess and, like me, I can always tell when she isn't feeling well because her left eye droops.

    I remember that when everyone tells me she is all her father.

  4. Just this week I looked at my hands while driving, and I thought, "Oh my God, when did I get my mother's hands?" The wrinkles are showing and let's not talk about the age spots!!! I'm only 39!!!! What are they going to look like when I'm 50? I can convince myself my gray hairs are kinda sexy, but the age spots are another story.

  5. I don't really look like either of my parents. I can say "I have my mom's build/hair and my dad's nose" but I don't think the sum of the parts add up to look like them. I look more like grandparents I think.. Personality wise, I can see a lot of both of them in me. Sometimes it's a scary lot, but mostly I'm happy to have it! I think my parents rock.

  6. It's funny the things we notice as we get older.


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