Friday, March 09, 2007

Sick. Again.

The wellness gods cursed me when I thought to myself earlier this winter, I haven't been sick! I am so healthy! I am a marvel of a woman!
Now I am sick again, this time with a head cold.

Damn you germs!!!!

I have gone too having some sort of stomach bug to my period to a head cold.
I will never be well again!

I have to be better for George, my new trainer on Monday. Did I mention he was hot? Because if I forgot to mention that it was only because I was still mesmerized by his hotness and the hotness that surrounded him like radiant beams. Reminds me of Davis from the Real World.
Very Nordic, very buff, very young. That is just how I like them. I mean trainers, not guys because you know, I am married and I have kids for pete's sake and I will have to drop the kids off at the babysitter part of the gym and so they will be in the building while I am being trained, hard and what were we talking about again?

Suddenly I am flushed but I know it is because I am sick, not because my new trainer, George is hotttttttttttttt.
I am going to lie down now.


  1. Maybe your new diswasher will help get rid of the sickies. Is there a SANITAZE feature?

  2. kevin, ther eis and I am going to satitize the shit out of my dishes the minute I get it.

  3. I have to admit that with a name like George, I didn't think he'd be hot. Now if you can just manage not to drool when you say "George," you'll help control germ spreading.

  4. Kristi4:08 PM


  5. Wow George must be really hot if he looks like the Real World guy, you'd better hurry up and get well! lol Have fun Monday!

  6. Sigh - sprays screen with lysol spray. Get better soon.

  7. I got that virus at Christmas time... went from the virus to a sinus thing to a head cold to MY period back to a head cold - somewhere in there I even had laryngitis, long story short I was sick for almost 3 months.


    Feel better!! :)


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