Monday, March 12, 2007


Lately my kids love to argue with each other. This morning I had to break up a fight over whether my son will have a beard and what color it will be. L said he wants a white beard when he is a man and R said she doesn't want him to have a beard but if he has to have one she wants it to be brown.


It is always fun in this house! L also noted that he can't wait to grow up because his penis will grow up too!

I told him I don't care who grows up in this house but once you do, you are all getting jobs.


  1. Yeah I'm with ya there. My two ALWAYS are fighting. It's annoying! Amazing how the two typical kids are the ones that give me the most grief LOL.

  2. That's funny. This morning my son said he couldn't wait to be a grown up so he can do whatever he wants.

    I told him I'd trade him in a heart beat so I can go to Preschool and color and paint and eat fruit snacks all day. He thought that was dull.

  3. Just the fact that he says he can't wait for his penis to grow has me giggling...too funny!

  4. His penis will grow up too?

    I dare say some penis'never growup...

  5. Pendullum, he dares to dream.

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    My son is already hung like a bear. God bless his wife.

    By the way, my kids have the SAME arguments!

  7. Boy...I guess I should be grateful that Tess isn't talking yet...


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