Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Zack Braff Where Are you?

It is not bad enough my sister fractures her ankle 10 days ago and that she has a 6 year old and a 19 month old. It was fun! when she couldn't walk up the stairs to put her sons to bed or put her baby in his highchair to eat or that even her husband works 16 hour days in a row and then is off for 4 days.
Which is great, except for those two 16 hour days.

That wasn't bad enough, now doctors have found blood clots in her leg. Dangerous blood clots. So she sat in the ER for 12 hours not moving her leg one single inch so as not to dislodge the clot(s) and send them shooting to her lungs or heart or anywhere.

She is finally in a room but has not eaten or had anything to drink in eternity because the doctors still do not know what course of action to take with this clot, or maybe they already have a master plan, but we would not know because no doctor has made an appearance for 12 hours.
I am sure they have more important things to do like buy a golf club, count their money or scratch their old, dirty balls.
The last one was just a guess.

This is the care you get in one of the best medical centers in NJ.
Where are the doctors from Scrubs when you need them?


  1. Life would be better with Scrubs as our doctors. Maybe your friend could get Turk for her surgeon and Carla for her nurse. That would rock!

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Saying some prayers!

  3. That's terrible! I will keep your sister in my thoughts.

  4. I hope she gets some info (and some food) soon! That sounds like a very frustrating and scary experience.

  5. Hey, as some that enjoys "buying golf clubs, counting what little money I have, and scratching my old, dirty balls," I find that offensive.

    Hope your sister is alright. Good luck to her!

  6. oh, I hope she's ok...that sounds really serious.

    What about House! I bet he'd fix her up good!

  7. Mitch, please no offense
    Beth, I never havewatched House so I didn't know what kind of doctor he would be. I love my JD.

  8. (House is great, sarcastic and an asshole)
    Not eating while waiting for a doctor to take a break from counting his millions is not fun. I hope they take care of your sister soon.


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