Friday, March 02, 2007

Wax On Wax Off

Yesterday was a crappy day but was vaulted into mediocrity when I finally got a much needed haircut and my eyebrows waxed. I usually get my eyebrows threaded, but my salon doesn't have that service so I went with the wax.
It hurts more, but it is a good pain.

I did learn that eyebrows are sisters not twins. So I can feel less self conscious that one is longer and higher then the other. She evened them out as close as possible but I can still tell. Maybe I should have a shirt made that says they are sisters not twins, but why draw more attention to my breasts.
Hell who am I kidding, my breasts are fabu and they love all the attention.
Did you know breasts are sister and not twins also? I did, because my one is slightly bigger then the other which I only realized recently when one kept peeking out of my new bra and also because that is what my waxist(?) told me.
She is so freaking wise.
I love her.

Now, the dilemma is do you let the one you love wax your most private of areas? I like the girl, she was so sweet, she met my daughter, she told me about her wedding, I feel we are too close to be nude together, unless I am going to have an orgasm at the end.
I think I will have to retreat to a new unknown salon for my bikini waxing needs and let my new friend stick to waxing my eyebrows.
Maybe, if she plays her cards right, my legs too.


  1. Interesting dilemma (when you said the one you love, I thought you meant your husband. I was thinking no way in hell would I let that man near me with hot wax and paper...again unless it was to orgasm at the end), to let someone you know or don't know take care of that business. However, here's your location trumps mine. EVERYONE knows me, no matter where I go in town. I don't need Salon A calling Salon B and telling them about the mole that's apparently been hiding in the bushes.

  2. DD I wouldn't like that. I like a nice anonymous wax.

  3. Ohh..threading. I never thought of it. I have big, bushy 80's eyebrows and get them waxed about every 3 weeks. But I'm a wimp, so no pain is a good pain.h

  4. Call me crazy, but I have a problem having some strange person rip my curlies out with a strip of linen and some hot wax LOL. I think bikini waxing was invented by some sadistic man as a way to torture women!

    LOL at the "sister" boobs. Hey, if they are perfectly symetrical my dear; chances are they ain't the real goods KWIM? The only twins I have are the ones I gave birth to in 2002!

  5. It ain't just boobs and eyebrows that are siblings.

    My left testicle hangs lower than my right.

    I have no comment in regards to your waxing dilemma, as I have no issue with exposing myself to anyone who has any type of business down there (doctor, wife, anyone who asks, etc etc).

    I get weird about being au natural in the locker rooms at the YMCA, though.

  6. Hey, when I went to get fitted for new bras, the lady told me that one breast was bigger than the other - she called it my "bad girl". Everytime a bra didn't fit correctly, she blamed the bad girl.


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