Friday, March 23, 2007

Family Oriented Neighborhood

Yesterday afternoon E was playing with the kids in our backyard when he found this:

This is not our garbage. I swear.
I do love that someone in our neighborhood is getting it on big time with the pleasure pack. Not even with 12 condoms but with 14!
AND it is a variety pack too! I thought the only good variety packs were donuts. I stand corrected.
Things seemed to have changed since I was in the condom buying market of society. Twisted Pleasure condoms?
It sounds like a "adult" drink I buy in a four pack. The Trojan website says that twisted pleasures have a "special twist at the closed end". I can't say enough how this fascinates me.
Then there is Mint Tingle which has mint flavor, fragrance, and color. Does that not sound like it would burn your vagina? I don't really get that one.
I do get Her Pleasure which is textured for her pleasure. Can it also give me a pedicure? That would really be my pleasure.
Lastly there is Shared Pleasures which has warming lubricant for both partners. I am not sure about this. It depends how warm. Warm like a fresh baked roll or like a fiery yeast infection?
Whatever your pleasure, I am glad I got to peek into the ever changing world of condoms and to whichever neighbor bought them, I wish you luck.
edit: now go read my interview for storkcalling. Look under: our blog


  1. Mint Tingle? I am of the belief that anything called Mint Tingle should be reserved for toothpaste and chewing gum. I don't know one woman who would want a "minty-fresh" cooch.

  2. Instead of the variety pack, why don't they make a condom with ALL those things: Warm Minty Twisted Textured condoms.

    Actually, it sounds more like an ice cream rather than a drink.

  3. I am not sure if believe that is not your trash :) Minty fresh- I guess even vaginas need to be minty.

  4. I like a nice spearmint hoo hoo dilly.

  5. Before I had a child and my blog was called Raunchy Talk, I encountered the Twisted Pleasure condoms you speak of. Here is that post from oh so long ago if it will help you out any.

  6. Brooke-

    Did you ever post the review?

  7. I wonder if the people that come up with the names of the trojan pleasure pack aslo name crayola crayons...

  8. ROFL omg!

    OK I found someone's g-string in my rock garden in my front lawn last year. I didn't want to touch the thing!! Me and my neighbor kept joking who's it was; someone got funky one evening????

    I still say they were hers ;)

  9. Kristi3:52 PM

    You are absolutely crazy. I love it!

  10. Minty? Hmmmm ... new to me. Excuse me while I leave now, I'm feeling very, very old.

  11. I love that the box is so nicely flattened, it must have fallen out of someone's recycling.

  12. ooooh, mint tingle? I think I will pass on that one. And I don't want any kind of warming thing down there either....infection alert! Infection alert!


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