Thursday, March 08, 2007

Meet George, My New Trainer

Here it is kids, our new dishwasher.
Very exciting, but of course I pick the one that is not in stock and won't be here until next week sometime. More dry hands for me.
Today I finally went to the gym to sign up and take a tour. I have a appointment with a personal trainer on Monday at 9am. That is no joke.
He seemed nice but I hope he has a sense of humor. If you couldn't tell, I am very sarcastic and I want to have fun even with the furnace repair man, I like to have fun. If this guy doesn't get my sense of humor or doesn't want to have fun while he beats my ass to the ground, we are in real trouble.
Whatever the case, it will make for a good story that day. Unless I can't raise my arms to type.
That is a real possibility people, very real.


  1. You are a better woman than I am. I just keep saying I want to whip myself into shape- get rid of the wiggly arms for the wedding...but what am I doing? Nothing.

  2. Funny that you write this on the same day I wrote about my friend's nightmare from last night...
    Really, good luck with the trainer, they do help out a lot. I just hope you didn't get your soul sucked in to a contract that would take one of your kids if you try to leave...
    and epsom salt baths help with the sore muscles. I used to soak in it for hours after the know BEFORE KIDS.

  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    You beat me - we havent even ordered a new dishwasher yet. Of course, the one we have will work for another 2 weeks alright, so I have a little time...

    and good for you about the gym!

  4. That's nice!!!

    I hate our dishwasher. Nothing is wrong with it per say. It's a Bosch that came with this house, and it has no dryer. I swear my dishes stay wet until I hand dry them. What a pita!

  5. Oooh la la. George is so sexy. Good luck at the gym!


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