Friday, March 30, 2007

She Wants a Sister

I am still alive.
So are all four kids, which I guess is important too.

I would love to know when I will be able to shower though.

Yesterday my daughter told her teacher and her class that I was pregnant and it was a girl. L backed up her story and the teacher asked me about it since I hadn't mentioned anything. She has been talking about me having a baby a lot lately and I wonder where it is coming from.
Of course when I was pregnant last fall we made the huge mistake of telling them before we had our first ultrasound. Bad move. The kids would ask if I had a baby in my belly and I would just tell them, no, we had made a mistake but then the questions stopped.

Maybe she thinks that if she says it, it will be true?
This family is so strange.


  1. Wow, keeping all 4 kids and yourself alive, now that's impressive!

    Love your new look too (not sure how new it really is, but I still like it!).

  2. Nice job getting everyone home alive.

  3. That is so funny about your child telling her teacher you are pregnant. My son has told my MIL that. And I had to tell her that if we do have any more, Marc or I will tell people -- NOT the boy. Seems like alot of kids do that.

    My son's best friend, Luke, told Seth that he had a big brother who died when he was a baby. I was freaking out when Seth told me because this isn't something his mom ever told me (we're getting to be good friends too) and then I realized that its not true just due to some of the other things he's said...

  4. my son points at babies in infant carriers that come with other mommies and says "my mommy's baby!".

    Um, yeah, kid...
    These kids can make for some awkward situations...

  5. TJG, the look is new, thanks!

    Will,, that is have the battle! Or maybe the whole battle, I am not sure, I am too tired.

    Lisa, so I am not the only one? Good to know.

    Diana, Maybe oen day your son will jsut steal a kid for you, then no birthing for you!

  6. Kristi12:18 PM

    Awwwww I think it's cute! Besides, your kids are at an age where fantasy becomes part of their lives. It's a good sign

  7. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Maybe she knows something that you don't know. Hm.

  8. Wow, telling the teacher?
    I guess you have some work to do.

  9. awwww...that is sweet. she must want you to be pregnant really bad.

  10. *flail*

    Love the new look, but ACK at all the kids! Glad you all are alive. :)


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