Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Home Is Falling Apart

My dishwasher is comign tomorrow and never has anything been more awaited since I had over 15lbs of babies residing in my uterus.

Or since my Dyson arrived.

Or since E came home from a business trip

Ok, so I anticipate everything with utter excitment, but if you knew how much I hated washing fucking dishes by hand, you would know how excited I am.
I will rewash everything E washed because I just realized how terrible at dishes he is.
Speaking of E he brought me home a chocolate martini gift basket from Harry and David. He gets me. Chocolate martinis flowed last night while E tried to put in a new garage door opener.

Yes, home ownership really sucks sometimes.


  1. Funny how it's the really heavy items that all crap out first or is usually self-installed. Why can't it be the blender? The toaster perhaps?

    That only happens in apartments.

    (Even though the above really makes no sense at all, I'm still going to post it.)

  2. My current issue is my roof. The other day, my driveway had 3 shingles in it. THAT can't be good.

  3. Kevin, You got me with that one.

    That is not good.

  4. What good is there in life if we can't anticipate the little things?
    Like the great cup of pumpkin spice coffe I am going to get tomorrow morning on the way to the doctor.:)


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