Monday, March 05, 2007


Since we last spoke...................
My son threw up. All night. Three pj changes, two sheet/pillowcase changes, one emergency washing of king size sheets, and one underwear that was tossed because of, ahem....... leakage.
Good times.

Oh, did I tell you that same night, my furnace stopped working again?? So PSE&G had to come out the next morning and fix it and told us that we were ripped off by at least $200 by the company that put in the ignitor and they installed it wrong.
I am SO getting my money back. Bastards!

Last night E came home from work and more puking! It seems that since he "never gets sick, and never throws up" the karma gods decided to show him a virus that can still kick his ass.
So it has made its round to my entire family in ten days and lets hope it doesn't want to go around again.

I am so sick of doing laundry.


  1. That is the WORST. I remember this one night a few years ago when my twins were 5. They were both sick.

    My daughterpuked. I stripped the bed, put the sheets and pj's in the washer, and put new bedding on while my wife cleaned her up in the tub. As soon as we were finished, my son puked in his bed. So we had to do it all over again. When we were done, my daughter got sick AGAIN. It was a viscious cycle.

  2. Hoping it leaves fast, VERY FAST. That virus is an ass-kicker, no joke.

  3. Oh dear! We all had the norwalk virus right before Xmas. Everyone was throwing up - including me. I feel your pain. Good health to you through this ordeal!

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    OMG girl, get OFF of that thrill ride!!! I hope things get sanitized and OUTTA THERE soon!!!


  5. sick kids - bad.

    sick twins - very bad.

    sick husband - the WORST!

    hope all is healthy and better soon.

  6. UGH! I hope everyone is done with that nasty virus. We had it here last fall and it was awful. Just awful. I still have nightmares of cleaning up puke.

  7. Nausea

    Yeah. That bug hit our house too.
    I was down 2 days
    Hubby was down 4 days
    Son was down 4 days.



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