Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pizza Day

I was yelled at by my son in front of his whole class last week because I forgot it was pizza day and he had to eat some stinking sandwich I packed for him with love.
Today they asked me no less then 12 times if I remembered to pay the teacher for pizza so they can have pizza with their friends.
I remembered and I even paid for next weeks pizza.
I am really getting a hang of this motherhood thing.

Yesterday I made my children cupcakes because they had been asking me to make them something that was not vegetables or a square meal. They wanted the good stuff and since I do not let them eat sweets or shitty cereal or plain old crap I decided that cupcakes were in order. They deserve shit once in awhile.
I made the cake from a box but made my own chocolate icing and it was so good!

I may or may not have eaten two cupcakes this morning for breakfast.
Hey, I said the kids don't eat crap I didn't say anything about their parents!

If you are in the mood come check me out over here and see what my daughter has been begging me for.


  1. I hear you... I got in a, let's call it a "heated conversation", with the lunch bithc last week because I was CERTAIN my kids were signed up for hot lunch this month.

    They weren't. I forgot.

    So now I have to make them lunch every flippin'day and for some reason, it seems like SUCH A PAIN!

  2. A cupcake is just a frosted muffin.

  3. I am sure the kids are missing the hot lunch too Kristin.

    DD, amen.

  4. Kids can't live without their pizza.


    That's ME. Pizza.

    At my son's school, they have us parents choose lunches and pre-pay for them, for half the year in advance. So he gets pizza every friday, and chicken nuggets every other wednesday. I'm glad I pre-pay - I'd ALWAYS forget otherwise!

    And cupcakes aren't fattening on Wednesdays.

  5. "A cupcake is just a frosted muffin"

    I am sooo using that.

  6. Brandi I am using it too!


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